Jun 26, 2015

Another Blogger Joins the Fray: The Articles of Indignation: Exposing the Corruption of Kip McKean's "Churches" (The ICC)

I am glad to welcome a new blogger to the fray today, a former member of Kip McKean's International Christian Church (ICC) with quite a few things to say about his time in the cult. His conclusions about the group are strikingly similar to mine. I think it adds strength to both my statements and his that we both were able to come to such similar conclusions about the abusive nature of this group. (Well, he and I and a few thousand other people before us.)

Jun 24, 2015

MORE Ways You Know You're Part of Kip McKean's ICC / SODM

Thank you to my many helpers for this post! Here are some more ways you can tell that you are part of the so-called SODM / Sold-Out Discipling Movement, aka the ICC / International Christian Church, or whatever Kip McKean is calling his group of not-yet-former followers for the moment. (Check out the original list here.)

10. ...You're lame enough to claim that you attended Kip's fantasy college, the International College of Christian Ministry (ICCM), before he even started it! Kip created the ICCM in 2012 yet many evangelists/women's ministry leaders like Chenelle Patterson, Jared McGee and Ron Harding assert they attended the "school" several years prior to its actual inception. According to their Facebook pages, Chenelle claims she attended from 2009-2013, Jared 2007-2013 and Ron 2006-2013. Why the spin? Perhaps to give unsuspecting individuals the "impression" that they graduated from a legitimate four year university which the ICCM is NOT!

Jun 18, 2015

Kip McKean: Closet Atheist?

a·the·ist - "a person who lacks belief in the existence of God"

Kip McKean for decades has always liked to present himself as a sort of "super Christian" and even at one time believed that he was literally a full-fledged apostle of Jesus Christ - just like Paul and Peter and the rest of the twelve or so historical apostles, who died out about two thousand years ago, never to be replaced until Kip walked the earth. 

But when we look a little closer, we can come to no conclusion other than Kip must be a closet atheist. 

Either that, or he has invented a "god" in his own mind (which makes him no different from a pagan or idolater). What other possible could explain Kip's bizarre statements and behavior?