Mar 24, 2014

Kip McKean's Salary: $200,000+ (And Growing)

This is one of the best-kept secrets in Kip's Kingdom - Kip McKean's salary.

The church does everything it can to conceal this information, and with good reason. Many, if not most, members might be quite a bit more reluctant to sacrifice their own money if they knew just how much of it goes to lifestyle expenses for the McKeans.

Let's look at the year 2010, as I have the information on hand from the financial presentation that was given at the end of November, 2010. (As of this writing, the audio is still available on the official church websites if you search for it.)

At the end of November, (according to the audio) the church had taken in $780,000 for the year. And weekly contribution was $15,000, which multiplies out to a similar annual figure.

Mar 12, 2014

Groggy ICC Cult Member Up At 5am To Raise Money For Minister's Salary

In this short video, this poor, sleep-deprived (and undoubtedly very good-hearted) guy, up at 5am, talks about how he is getting up to run across George Washington bridge to raise funds for missions.

Mar 6, 2014

The International College of Christian Ministry (ICCM)

Well, it seemed amazing that the International Christian Churches could set up a whole university in a couple of weeks, and even decorate founder Kip McKean with a doctorate degree almost as quickly.

How did they do it? Easy!


That means, any "degrees" it issues are COMPLETELY IMAGINARY and not worth a 5 cents. The ICCM is NOT A REAL SCHOOL.

Mar 1, 2014

Kip McKean's $650,000 Condo

(Cussing warning - but it's a quote, and in context. And you'll NEVER guess who it was.)

I was recently reminded of the following:

Kip McKean lives in a $650,000 luxury condo that he purchased in 2010. (For the record, as seen in the link, Kip's legal name is "Thomas Wayne", not "Kip".)

This condo has a special significance to me. This is where I visited Kip in 2011 to talk about lying, theft, abuse and threats by one of his top leaders. And was completely shot down.

If I were better informed about Kip's history, I would have known in advance how the meeting would turn out. Kip would categorically defend the higher leader (Victor), and systematically attack the lower leader (me). Because leadership is from God and leaders are always right. And the most important thing is to maintain order. Leaders on top, and Kip on top of the leaders.

So, my Kip McKean luxury condo meeting was short and ended abruptly. I started talking, and for several seconds started to tell Kip how Victor had lied to me and abused his position in the church to steal from me.

Kip then interrupted me to insist that nothing of the sort had happened. Victor was innocent of all charges (except of possibly being "insensitive"), and that everything was certainly just a "misunderstanding."

Never mind that Victor had already confessed to everything in front of a witness.