Apr 19, 2014

International Christian Church - Former Cult Member Speaks Out

There is another site that has popped up (icccult.com) that sheds light on the "true" experience of a member of Kip McKean's International Christian Church cult.

The writer describes his experience (lightly edited by me):

"...it became very obvious I had been part of a destructive, mind-control cult. I felt very depressed and traumatized that these supposedly nice people could transform into demon-like monsters so quickly...

"Looking back, all they wanted was people to be their slaves, making more converts and giving all they could to the cult leaders, who lived in luxury...

"The power of peer pressure in these groups should not be underestimated... It can overwhelm most people. Remember, most members don’t think it is a cult. Those sincere people lure you into what they think is a good thing, even while the leaders are taking all they can."

Is this just one more "bitter" and "ungrateful" ex-member, as Kip and co. would like you to believe? According to Kip, the only reason anyone leaves the church is because they are "in sin" or have a "bad heart." But does that make sense? Was Jesus in the business of recruiting mass followers so that he could live in luxury off of their donations?

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Apr 16, 2014

Anti-ICC YouTube Channel

There have been some new YouTube videos popping up which target the International Christian Church.

One channel, called ICC Cult Information, features short anti-cult messages about the church. Here is a one-minute video from there:

Apr 14, 2014

Kip McKean And The Sin Jesus Forgot

"Move over Jesus!"

Kip: "Jesus! Get on the ball! The lists of sins that you preached about in several places in the Bible were wholly insufficient! I'm surprised that I have to bring this to Your attention, Lord, but You seem to have completely forgotten the Most Important Sin of All!

"Autonomy for local church government is sin."

Jesus: "Kip, please forgive me. You are so right! I can hardly believe that this was not included in the Bible. Actually, I am going to have to have a very stern talk with the apostles up here. Well, except for John, who didn't make it. You know, as much as he wanted to be, he wasn't really My favorite. Anyways, I gave them very strict orders to include "autonomy for local church government is strictly forbidden" in the transcripts of My speeches. Actually, John was in charge of that, and he left it out, which is one of the reasons of My displeasure with him.

Nude, Coed Baptism in the Early Church?

Notice to Kip's Churches - You're Doing It Wrong!

This may sound crazy. OK, it does sound crazy. But it looks like the early Christian church may have practiced nude baptism. Actually, NUDE, COED baptism.

First, the evidence: respected Christian historian Hippolytus is believed to have written the following description of early church baptism in the early, pre-Catholic church:

Apr 8, 2014

Kip McKean's International Christian Church: CULT

Check out the new Facebook page, "Kip McKean's International Christian Church: CULT."

Please "like" the page as a convenient way to be alerted of new ICC-related news stories as they develop. This also makes it even easier for you to share stories with friends or loved ones who may still be in the International Christian Church or thinking of joining.

Apr 1, 2014

Kip McKean Repents and Apologizes! (Yeah, Right)

Today Kip McKean released a formal statement:

"I would truly like to apologize for every single person that I have hurt over the course of my leadership. I have now come to grips with the fact that I am not like normal folk, and I should never have tried to force others to be like me.

"Additionally, I apologize for the gross misuse of church funds, and for paying myself a salary in the hundreds of thousands of dollars, when Jesus, who I claim to be my hero, lived so simply and humbly that he famously didn't even have a place to "lay his head."