Feb 26, 2014

The Traumas of a "Kingdom Kid"

If you are looking for a great read, and hear the perspective of a Kingdom Kid, (a child who grew up in the church), here is a great place to poke around:

Recovering from Cult Life in the ICOC (Healthy Mama)

The author grew up in Kip's "old" church, the ICOC. She was very traumatized.

One part that jumped out to me is where someone describes getting hit on and hooking up with her former ICOC teen leader, only to later find out that he was a fully "restored" member and leader in Kip's new City of Angels ICC. Yes, he was leading in the CAICC at the same time that he was tapping her @$$ and asking her for boob pics.

No, nothing wrong with that picture, do you think?

On a personal note, one of the motivating factors in me leaving the church was so that my kids would never have to be "kingdom kids" and suffer through church life like this girl did (and like I had) for so long.

As I held my newborn baby daughter in my arms I thought, "There is NO WAY that I am going to allow any of THAT to be inflicted on this precious and innocent little baby!" Thank God.

Feb 25, 2014

Outrageous Ministry Compensation

How much should ministers make? A reasonable middle-class salary? Something in line with what the members of the church earn? Maybe, like Jesus and the apostles, earn nothing or next to nothing?

Or how about, oh, say, $300,000.00 per year?

Check out the following link:


It is to a copy of payment information for payments made to certain church leaders, including Steve and Lisa Johnson, in December, 1996.

It shows the Johnsons earning a combined bi-weekly base salary of $3,692.13. Now, if you multiply that out a bit, it comes to $95,995.38 per year, just base salary. After you add in parsonage (they live rent-free in church-funded housing) and other benefits outlined in that document, the compensation package comes up to $11,793.45 every two weeks, which is $25,552.48 per month or a whopping $306,369.70 per year!

This blew my mind. I suspected it was extravagant but this just seems surreal.