Jul 11, 2014

Kip McKean Covers Up More Teen Ministry Rapes?

"Today, “churches” ... cover-up the sexual abuse of children by their [leaders]." (Taken from ICC propaganda email).

This is another story that has been given to me by a friend and new ex-member of the CAICC who was made aware of the following situations at the time they occurred.

According to this source, there were recent cases of statutory rape in the City of Angels International Christian Church teen ministry. Cases in which the rapists were protected and the victim was not. A 21-year old woman, a teen worker in the CAICC teen ministry, allegedly seduced and had sex (statutory rape) with a 15-year-old boy, a member of the CAICC teen ministry. Around the same time, another woman of approximately the same age as the first also committed statutory rape with the same boy. Both women were "disciples," members in good standing in the City of Angels International Christian Church.

The teen involved was devastated. The incidents were extremely difficult for him to deal with emotionally, and as of this writing he is still struggling to deal with the emotional wreckage caused by the abuse. Besides this, the acts were illegal and any person who commits statutory rape becomes a sex offender and suffer severe legal consequences.

In a pattern we have observed in the past, Kip McKean's church chose NOT to notify the police of the abuse that had occurred by adults against a minor. However, the church did take action - to protect the rapists!

The victim's mother, on the other hand, was understandably incensed, and called the police. However, the church had already aided one of the rapists to quickly relocate out-of-state. As of last notice, that rapist remains a "faithful" ICC member in another city. The consequences for the other rapist are not as clear, but she seems to still be currently an ICC member too, and has not seen legal action.

Back to the boy. His faith was destroyed, and he left the church. His mother, who was also a member, also had her faith destroyed left the church as well.

So once again we see how Kip McKean protects the leaders in the church, throws the rank-and-file under the proverbial bus, and through it all seeks to keep a tight lid on negative publicity.

Imagine a parent's reaction to the situation: "Oh my God, I let my child participate in the City of Angels teen ministry, only to find out that after the songs are over, ministry leaders seduce and commits statutory rape against him/her? And then help protect the rapist, while doing nothing for my child?"

Well, yes.

Kip and friends probably prefer that the victim and his family are no longer part of the church, since they are certainly "bitter" and could "hurt the faith" of other ICC members.

In short, we can observe that the ICC leadership 1. finds it preferable to protect the abusers, who remain free to abuse other minors, while 2. allowing the victimized teen to ferment in a cesspool of misery, and 3. obstruct justice for both the abusers as well as the victim.

Funny how that is. In fact, that pattern matches exactly with my experience with Kip McKean and the top ICC leadership. (My story: Why I Left the City of Angels ICC)

Is it a surprise that one of the women involved is very close to one of the key players in my story of abuse? Maybe she learned abuse from the abusive treatment by an "important" ICC leader in her own home. (Another source informed me that she herself has been a victim of sexual abuse within her family.)

It seems that members of this family are able to do whatever they like, whenever they like. (As seen many times before, it pays to be close to leadership.)

Oh, yeah ... another point that seems clear is that the artificial front of "sexual purity" put forth by the ICC is little more than public image.

So, in what environment did we not only allow ONE (or more) statutory rapes to occur by one abuser, but then somehow a SECOND abuser then commits one or more ADDITIONAL rapes against the SAME VICTIM? Did the one woman tip off the other woman about an easy prey? Was the second woman emboldened to act when she saw how the first woman was able to "get away" with minimal repercussions?

(Don't even get me started on minimal repercussions .. Why in the world are Kip McKean or Victor Gonzales Sr, among others, still working for the church? Wait .. the church EXISTS to employ guys like them.)

So as of this writing, neither rapist has suffered any consequence for her actions. That can't bode well for the safety of other vulnerable people in the ICC, the "least of these" whom Jesus was so adamant that his disciples should protect.

And don't think that these were totally isolated incidents, either. I was aware of several occasions in the church where adults corrupted minors, seducing them or providing them with illegal drugs. And leadership knew, and yet none of them was ever reported to the police. Years later, now that I have kids, that's pretty hard for me to wrap my head around.

And that doesn't even include legal sex stuff, like the singles in Portland sleeping around with each other. I remember a girl with ties to leadership who was surprised to find a single guy in the church who completely abstained from sex. "Like, you NEVER have sex [as a disciple]? Not even SOMETIMES?"

Once again, it seems that Kip McKean appears more interested in image over substance, in protecting his leaders and his group over "the least of these" who suffer in his midst.

Of course, that was the environment into which Kip was baptized in the Gainesville Church of Christ, where his ministry leader, Chuck Lucas, was having penetrative gay sex with several male "disciples" in the campus ministry.

Chuck Lucas, it should be mentioned, was Kip's hero, and Kip was Chuck's "star disciple." Rumors suggest that Kip was one of the guys involved in the sexual relations with Chuck, and that Kip confessed this fact to the original group of WSL's in a meeting shortly before they gave him the boot from leadership of the ICOC.

I have been reluctant to share that bit of information in case it is not true, but at the same time have not been able to find anyone to refute it. Of course, Kip wouldn't think that it was a very big deal, because 1. Kip has always said that "sin is sin" and no one sin is "worse" in God's eyes than any other sin, and because 2. Kip makes the rules anyway.

Again, the information about the teen ministry rape victim was provided to me by a source who was aware of the situation as a member inside the CAICC. As such, my information is second-hand and I have to take this person's word for its accuracy. As a final reminder, every bit of information contained herein should be understood as "alleged." While I am posting it because I have reason to believe it is true, there remains the possibility that all or parts of this post are incorrect or infactual. If I am presented with conflicting evidence, I will be fair and appropriately amend the information posted here.


  1. Kip McKean broke the law by NOT notifying authorities. He is no better than the bishops who protect pedophile priests. Maybe this will be the smoking gun to bring the Kingdom of Kip down.

    1. Thanks for commenting. If the information contained in this article is correct, then it would sure seem that you are spot-on in your analysis.

    2. Stories like this are NOT heresay. I know of two incidents where a member molested two different young children (toddler age). The incidents were never reported to authorities. And the families, who were devastated, were asked to let the "church handle it" as to not harm the movement. The member went on to molest four other children. I heard, via confesssion, from a former HOPE leader who stated that several teen girls were raped by a ministry leader while they were working in an orphange in Romania. For those of you who are in this group, I will quote a GSL and Elder from Boston who stated, "If you knew half of what I knew...you'd leave!" There are some wonderful, genuine people in this "church," and maybe it started with good intentions...but it quickly fell and is continuing downward. They are not God's modern-day movement, but rather the modern-day Pharisees. Leave and don't look back.

    3. Wow ... I know of another situation from prior years where there was child molestation, and the authorities were not called. However, the member was kicked out. It sounds like in the case you mention, the member was not even kicked out, and was left in a position to continue his abuse! The kids were certainly not protected ... But leaders and "The Movement" WERE protected. Just like Jesus would want .. (shaking head). Thanks for commenting, and I'd "love" to hear more details about what you saw and know.

  2. First of all, I think Kip is the biggest piece of sh&% that ever breathed air, so don't get me wrong about where I'm coming from here.

    That said, the ABOVE story that you just told here doesn't make sense.

    You said that Kip knowingly moved a female statutory rapist to another city to avoid facing prosecution. Well, couldn't the local L.A. police investigating this---the law enforcement authorities to whom the child/victim and the mother reported this crime---just call the law enforcement in the new city for assistance? The police in the perp's new city of residence could take the perp in for questioning. The original L.A. police investigators could simultaneously drive or fly there and question the perp and/or then arrest her.

    As it stands now, the local L.A. police have supposedly told the child/victim and the victim's mother, "Well, the person who raped you/your child doesn't live in L.A. anymore, so unfortunately, she's gotten get away scot-free and is now permanently free from prosecution. There's nothing LAPD can do about it now. If she'd have stayed in town, well that's a different story---we could have arrested and prosecuted her, but not anymore since she moved... Case closed! Sorry 'bout that."


    Even if this female statutory rapist had left the freakin' country, local L.A. police could still have the police in the new country arrest her and bring her back to face justice.

    The story of Andrew Luster, the Max Factor Cosmetics heir who raped multiple women, comes to mind in this regard. Five months after fleeing to Mexico, he was found, arrested, and returned to face justice (and ultimately received a sentence of 124 years, by the way).


    1. Thanks for posting. You make some valid points. As I explained in the disclaimer, this story came to me second-hand so I don't have access to the information to answer your line of questioning directly, but, never having dealt with a situation like this personally, I could imagine that either the cops or the family may have said, well, she fled out of state, so let's not worry about it too much. And also remember that one of the big weapons of the church is fear, and it employs ways to intimidate its members and former members to submit to whatever the will of the church is. They put up a lot of resistance, so the family could easily feel like, let's cut our losses and not extend our nightmares dealing with this group any further than we have to. That would be my best guess based on my limited information available.

    2. "remember that one of the big weapons of the church is fear, and it employs ways to intimidate its members and former members to submit to whatever the will of the church is."

      I can't agree more. Now I understood why the contribution plate circles around people. It's a way to put much pressure on you. If you don't give, everyone is going to notice that. And if everyone seems to give in, you will gradually conform to what the majority does because of this fear of being judged by own members.

      Indeed, you have to pay for your salvation. How funny isn't it? The homeless people in the world are all destined to go to hell where "the fiery lake of burning sulfur (Revelation 21:8)." How lovely God is, is he? Because I remember that preachers said God love us all.

      If you happen to miss one church service, your brothers or sisters will call you insistently. Indeed, they do "care" about you. But basically, these members are pressured to do so, because their disciplers are "teaching" or intimidating them to do so. Also, their rationale behind helping you out is for your fake salvation. My leading discipler will say, "I worried about you!" Well, of course, my church just lost a good amount of money that I give in every weekend, and the exact money that goes to pay their bills.(I shall ponder. Well why is it bad? after all we all have to eat! God also needs to eat, I guess. Oh right right, evengelism. I forgot. We need money to spread the holy shit.)

      The biggest fear these Jejus believers have is losing salvation. This is irrational. This crazy fear stops us from thinking rationally, and we start losing control of ourselves.

      What I have to say may sound silly, but indeed this is identical to terrorism. Religions are designed to terrorize humans and freeze our brains to think rationally.

      Check this out if you guys haven't. (Zeitgeist)

      I just love this quote.
      “They must find it difficult, those who have taken authority as truth, rather than truth as authority.”
      ― Gerald Massey

    3. Great points, thanks for commenting!

  3. If that were my child---son or daughter---who was molested, and a police investigator said that since the female rapist had fled out of state, you should just let it go, I would threaten to have his badge.

    I would then go to the LAPD Police Chief, to the Mayor's office, to every ding-dong TV & Radio station, started a web page with the perp's name on it... then repeat the process in the perp's new city of residence... then if necessary, rent a billboard, hire a sky-writer, etc. ... until somebody somewhere did something. The person who molested my child would never draw another peaceful breath as long as he/she lived... and I would make that my mission in life...

    But that's just me... ;-)

    1. Yep. The case is still fresh, so perhaps the family can be motivated to come forward and prosecute. Or if they preferred, I'd guess that the church would be willing to reach a financial settlement. You know, give up some of the dollars from contribution to keep a story quiet, because if the story gets big, it could create problems that would interfere with the flow of even more dollars down the road, as it seems that Kip has done in the past.

  4. "Today, “churches” ... cover-up the sexual abuse of children by their [leaders]." (Taken from ICC propaganda email). A BIT IRONIC, NO?

    1. Keep your friends close, and your enemies closer.
      I'm not sure who initially said that (Churchill?), but it certainly applies in their case.

  5. I dont completely believe this story. I have been both in a teen ministry as a Teen, and as an adult been part of that church. Which i am no longer for a very long time. Knowing also a lot about sexology and psychology. i can say that, the boy DEFINATELY wanted the sex. He could have been also the instigator. Im not entirely sure about the US law when it comes to a minor and an adult having sex. But its not considered illegal after 14 years old. (14-15 needs parent permission i believe) Thats why you dont get lawsuits and crazy stories with 19s flirting with 16s or even 15s. I wont be talking too much about my own experience. But i will say that, this very highly most likely not rape, and probably not the woman doing all the ''work'' there.

    1. Even IF the child was the initiator its the ADULTS responsibility to reject the advances and educate them on why and adult should not be with a child. And this is why a lot of boy victims of sexual assault don't stand a chance because degenerates like you think that a boy is supposed to like and is expected to accept any sexual advance. You are a pig.

  6. Why are you so fascinated in attacking. Are you bitter? Let it go. Move on with your life.

    1. Welcome, current ICC member! Congratulations on letting Kip do your thinking for you (any criticism of "The Church" = BITTER PERSON). I hope you have read some things here today that you will store away in your heart and bring back out when ready.

  7. Really?? A 15 year old male raped?? Are we really expected to believe this?

    1. Welcome current ICC member! If you have a hard time believing this, then maybe it will help you to understand it by knowing that a major ICC leader's son was ALSO raped by an adult female, and he is making a big deal about it. For your information, a minor is not able to give legal consent to sex, so any sex between an adult and a minor is legally classified as statutory rape. I don't make the laws. And in this case, the statutory rape was emotionally devastating to the boy (in the case of the ICC leader, too.)

  8. Dear Anonymous May 12, 2015 at 8:53 PM,
    Yes, a 15 year old male was raped! ANY occurrence of an *adult* having sex with *minor* is rape. That is the legal definition of the word! If you have a problem with that, then take it up with the authorities. Don't blame the messenger.

    A 15-year-old is not in a position (developmentally, legally, or otherwise) to give consent to an act of sex. An adult woman - who was fully cognizant of the kid's limited developmental and legal state - chose to have sex with the kid. And to make it worse, this is supposedly an adult *Christian* woman who is a member of a group that claims to be "God's Modern-day Movement"!

    1. Meh, I don't blame the church for a speck of yeast. This wolves are expected: Acts 20:29. Besides, Gal 5:19-21 is clear as glass. I hope she repents.

  9. LOL...I hear the Christians burned Rome too... oh and FYI..not a member of anything here. just enjoy reading all the rants...lololol

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  12. Some people on This web site makes a great competition to the most wicked gossip magazine of "The National Enquirer."
    In the Bible God -never allows accusation against some one without evidence or without two or three witnesses. (2Cor 13:1b) In the mouth of two or three witnesses shall every word be established. You never repeat a story as a third person without giving facts established with evidence or facts stated by two or three witnesses. Our entire wicked society is now wallowing in a world of unproven accusations and because they are the most wicked that makes guilty judgment without knowing the state of the case. They will unlawfully judge the accused person guilty without trial and without witnesses or without evidence. God help the innocent from false accusations. God hates the one who spreads gossip -to build self up by tearing others down.