Mar 12, 2014

Groggy ICC Cult Member Up At 5am To Raise Money For Minister's Salary

In this short video, this poor, sleep-deprived (and undoubtedly very good-hearted) guy, up at 5am, talks about how he is getting up to run across George Washington bridge to raise funds for missions.

He has apparently not yet realized that "missions" is church-speak for "ministers' salary" or that said minister salaries are as super-size as possible. He is probably completely unaware that he is being used, and that he won't get any of his time (or money, or anything else) back when he leaves the church (aka, escapes the cult). 

And that when he does leave, most or all of the members will turn their backs on him. 

And that he will, sooner or later, be doing a face-palm day after day, wondering how he ever allowed himself to be wrapped up in the ICC.

Video courtesy of the NYC ICC YouTube channel.


  1. The whole concept of "Missions" is such a deception - take money from unpaid people to pay paid people, who go back and tell original unpaid people to go do all of the hard work

  2. Oh man! I remember those "fund raisers" one word: brutal
    I HATED asking people for money! But, like everything else
    I just sucked it up "got my heart right" and did it like I was
    doing it unto the Lord...what a crock of shit! I found out later that
    somehow our fundraising efforts for H.O.P.E. sent Pat Gemple on a trip to
    China with her granddaughters that year! Man what smart business people
    the leaders of this Church were...Oh well doesn't matter God still protected
    my heart and blessed me regardless :)

    1. Thanks for commenting! Yeah, I agree. By the way I met Pat G. one time ... lady gave off a very strong vibe of "creepy."

  3. NOt Sure how to Tell ya this but .. The ICC ISNT A CULT! That's just what Bitter, Lukewarm Lost people say to Try to make Themself Feel Better. They Called JEsus a Cult Leaders so Why Wouldn't they call KIP a Cult Leader too if he's Doing Gods Will?? Just Proves YOUR Wrong and KIPS Right! :)) :) :D

    1. Hey Kip Mckean ,
      Just because they called Jesus a cult leader. Does not imply somehow you are NOT a cult leader. How about you stop living such a lavish lifestyle staying a 5 star hotels when you travel. Everyone is supporting these lavish lifestyles. Of you and others in your ministries.

  4. Hello ICC member as a past ICOC member I know exactly where u coming from. You see there is spectrum on a scale of cults and by the activities, doctrine, etc. etc definitely put ICC on the cult spectrum - no doubt. You see at one point you will be forced to ask yourself this question am I really being led by the Spirit? You see every member of Christ Body has a personal councillor aka the Holy Spirit - unfortunately you will never hear EVER in ICC's sermons to listen for individual calling of the Spirit (unless it has to do with giving money to the church, etc) - for one simple reason Spirit led person can not be controlled by the leadership = not a good disciple. This church is good at producing babies, but absolutely terrible at raising them or teaching them anything about the freedom we have in Christ. The rule of thumb is you can pick any colour as long as it's blue and in regards to the "Spirit led" you can't trust the Spirit what it is telling you to do in your heart for you, but you can surely trust what that Spirit is telling you to do through your leader... Better wait for the Sold out Sold out Movement - don't worry it's coming soon :)

  5. I am a Christian, Jesus is on the throne of my life and by God's grace and mercy He gave me the gift of the Holy Spirit. Over 20 years ago I lost a wife to the ICoC.
    The leader of the Indpls church spent hours with my wife convincing her that since I would not submit to McKean's cult teachings, she should leave me to become a part of the so called God's chosen remnant. Mckean needs to cry out to Jesus for salvation and then begin to apologize to the thousands he has conned with his Satanic teachings or what would be referred to in scripture as doctrines of demons. The devil can use false teachings under this umbrella of christendom to discourage people from seeking Jesus, His teachings, and the Holy Spirit.. Unfortunately Satan knows the bible well and can twist and manipulate scripture to make it say whatever he wants. Kip McKean has always preyed on younger people who are generally speaking more naive and immature when it comes to the discernment of people, their character, and intents of the heart. The only escape any of us have from the power of Satan and sin is to surrender our life to Jesus Christ . If we do this with a humble penitent heart, God will give us the Holy Spirit as a helper to lead, guide, and direct us. He will never lead us to a Kip McKean and man made teachings. For those of you who have escaped from the ICoC and now the ICC, please do not let Satan win but continue to seek Jesus. He is a rewarder to those who dilligently seek Him with all of their heart. It is true that a good church is hard to find but do not build your faith on man but on God.