Jun 24, 2015

MORE Ways You Know You're Part of Kip McKean's ICC / SODM

Thank you to my many helpers for this post! Here are some more ways you can tell that you are part of the so-called SODM / Sold-Out Discipling Movement, aka the ICC / International Christian Church, or whatever Kip McKean is calling his group of not-yet-former followers for the moment. (Check out the original list here.)

10. ...You're lame enough to claim that you attended Kip's fantasy college, the International College of Christian Ministry (ICCM), before he even started it! Kip created the ICCM in 2012 yet many evangelists/women's ministry leaders like Chenelle Patterson, Jared McGee and Ron Harding assert they attended the "school" several years prior to its actual inception. According to their Facebook pages, Chenelle claims she attended from 2009-2013, Jared 2007-2013 and Ron 2006-2013. Why the spin? Perhaps to give unsuspecting individuals the "impression" that they graduated from a legitimate four year university which the ICCM is NOT!
9. ...You're OK with "spinning the truth" or what the rest of the world considers LYING. Coltin Rohn, the Boston ICC leader, claims he has a Marriage and Family Counseling degree from the ICCM. Really??? According to the City of Angels website the only undergrad degree the ICCM offers is a degree in ministry. Not to mention that many evangelists/women's ministry leaders were awarded degrees without having to take a single course. They just had to shell out $300 for the cost of the cape, gown and certificate and more than likely were reimbursed by their respective churches for the cost. CAN YOU SAY DIPLOMA MILL???

(10 & 9 are just a few examples (AMONG MANY) of the culture of deceit that is so prevalent in the ICC and among its leadership.")

8. Being able to wear swimsuits is determined by your leader. For instance, the women's ministry leader of the LA AMS ministry, Sonja Chloupek, wears bathing suits albeit when she is away from the church vacationing with family. Whereas the WML in the OC Region, Kelly Bartholomew, feels it's highly inappropriate for ICC members to wear swimsuits in public, under any circumstance, and doesn't permit her disciples to do so. This also applies to "brothers" going shirtless. A big NO, NO for some leaders. Yet, a dude who owns a gym and is a up and coming leader in the LA AMS ministry often works out with no shirt and leaders don't seem to have a problem with it. Maybe because the leaders consider his guy a "valuable member" and don't want to piss him off so he doesn't walk.

7. You can't tell the "sisters" from the porn stars at an Arts, Media, Sin (cough) Sports ministry event

6. Terms like "Gibeonite Deception" and "Plundering the Egyptians" are used by ICC leaders/members to justify exagerrating the truth (ie. lying) in favor of the church and/or soliciting donations from non-members for special missions drives

5. It's announced that the 20 year old kid that was baptized last Sunday, put on staff by Wednesday and appointed an evangelist on Friday is your new church leader

4. You read Henry Kriete's letter for the first time and think, "WTF!!! Kip has done this before?!?"

3. You're a struggling single mom and your discipler tells you to get clothes at Goodwill and groceries from the food bank to pay to send others to conferences in European.

2. A personal problem you shared with your discipler turns up in the LE's sermon 2 weeks later

1. When your utilties get shut off, you're told that if you would have given more money consistently God would have honored that by giving you more than enough to pay your bills.

0. When a married brother hits on you by "confessing" that he finds you more attractive than his wife. In fact, he says he's never been attracted to her because she's quite ugly, but he wanted a spouse in order to have sex and she was matched up with him because they were both "spiritual."

-1. When you rebuff Married Brother's advances, he goes to your discipler and lies, saying that you told him an inappropriate joke--and your discipler believes him.

-2. You attend an all congregational church service to find that most of the older, wiser and spiritually mature disciples have either left or been disfellowshipped for questioning and exposing the unbiblical practices/behavior imposed by ICC leadership; leaving only "baby Christians" in their teens and early 20(s) who are often the most vulnerable and susceptible to spiritual abuse.

-3. Your evangelist tells you that as a "leader in God's modern day movement (the ICC)" you are personally responsible for the souls/salvation of those in your bible talk and part of ensuring their salvation is making sure the members are tithing each week and meeting their special missions goal. (Kip's gotta get paid! - Ed.)

-4. A young husband and father who has been out of work for months is told he has to quit his new job if he wants to get baptized (ie. saved) because the job requires that every employee work one weekend a month. God forbid this young man misses one Sunday in order to put bread on the table and a roof over his family's head. Yet the Olympic athlete, entertainment host and news broadcaster (just to name a few) are able to miss "meetings of the body" due to their type of work.

-5. The evangelist's wife gets up to speak and all you can think about is the boob job she got as a disciple.

-6. "Church" leaders have new recruits stand on street corners tagging (begging for money) to give to "MERCY" (helping the poor), then misappropriate that money to pay for things not related to MERCY or helping the poor at all. Then make fun of anyone who might dare to criticize them for doing so.

-7. You are instantly labeled as "BITTER" if you ever dare to point out anything that your "church" or your leaders are doing wrong, no matter how blatant, obvious, or egregious their error. YOU are wrong and have a bad heart for daring - DARING - to question them.

-8. your dad is told he has to move the family every couple of years for the sake of "spreading the gospel" only to learn that Kip NEVER ONCE uprooted his own family for the gospel's sake. All three of his kids got to grow-up and establish roots in one of LA's most affluent communities, Pacific Palisades, and attend the same expensive private school most of their lives. #sucksbeingakingdomkid

-9. the evangelist shares that the church had one of the most "HISTORIC Bring Your Neighbor Days EVER with more visitors than there are members..." Except he fails to mention that most of these "visitors" were made up of infants and toddlers in children's ministry. #sucksbeingakingdomkid

-10. many of the most notoriously abusive ICOC staff leaders who are washed up, jobless with no marketable career skills, in broken marriages with kids who want nothing to do with God OR church flock to the ICC with the hopes of going back in the full time ministry and are actually rehired by Kip to start the cycle of spiritual abuse all over again. #sucksbeingakingdomkid

-11. AAAALLLLL of the ICC sermons, regardless of who and where it's preached (whether by Joe Willis in Australia, Mike Williamson in London, Raja Rajan in India, Anthony Eckels in Texas,etc.) basically have the three same points:

1. Multiply or Die-ICC's obsession with numbers
2. Show Me the Money, Honey-ICC's obsession with $$
3. Submit or Your Leader's Gonna Have A Fit-ICC's obsession with control

-12. Evangelist, Blaise Feumba, is pictured with an awkward look on his face kneeling next to a member of the Haiti ICC who is laying on a cement floor in obvious pain dying of cancer (May 3rd Good News E-Mail) and all you can think is maybe M.E.R.C.Y. should have used some of the funds collected during the numerous U.S. church "tagging" drives to buy this poor lady a bed instead of trying to get as many people paid and registered for a leadership conference held at a Hilton Resort in SoCal. (Misuse of funds is one of the basic underlying principles - or is it lack of principles? - underpinning the foundation of the ICC. - Ed.)

-13. "High Profile" ICOC leaders who have stopped attending church regularly, cheated on their spouses, been divorced multiple times, known to "struggle" w/ porn, pain pills and pot, have children barely out of their teens posting booty pics of themselves on social media, etc. are able to "place membership" in the ICC instead of being "restored". Yet, the rank and file disciple who never misses a church event, serves tirelessly in children's ministry, shuffles people back in forth from bible talk/studies and is relied upon to cover the rent for five roommates who happen to be unpaid interns of the church is brought before the congregation because the church leader "feels" that this member is lukewarm for missing their tithe for the past 3 weeks and not regularly having visitors to church.

-14. Your group doesn't have visitors for church or BT, so your BT leader pulls the group together to rebuke everyone in the group......yet he himself didn't have visitors either! When confronted on this by a member, he says, "I know; this rebuke is intended for *all* of us, myself included" (even though he is the one who is berating/accusing the rest of us while we sit there like obedient sheep).

-15. You know you're a part of Kip McKean's sold out movement when the organization is SOOO sold out that it has more than a 50% "fall away" rate, "secret sin" is rampant in the different congregations that it's even mentioned in the Good Snooze E-mail, and many of Kip's churches have not experienced net growth for several years.

-16. "ICC is losing members" = "God is pruning us; that proves we are truly his movement." "ICC is growing" = "God is adding to our number; that proves we are truly his movement."

-17. You serve an almighty and all-powerful "god" who can do anything.....except for, maybe, coming up with a few dollars for "missions" without his leaders begging everyone for money on their Facebook pages.

-18. When your husband, an ICC member, tells you that he unequivocally believes that Kip's church (because it's apparently the "one true church") takes priority over your marriage and family. Members are indoctrinated to put the church FIRST before any relationship or commitment including those with a spouse and children. Here's a glimpse of what this looks like:

-19. If you cannot plan or attend any special occasions (ie. birthday celebrations, anniversary dinners, holiday parties, etc.) that fall on a Wednesday or Friday night because the church has mandatory devotional and bible talk scheduled these nights.

-20. Couples and/or families cannot get away for the weekend because missing church on Sunday is a big No, No.

-21. Family vacations have to be planned around all church events (eg. GLC, Jubiliees, Winter Workshops, Campus Retreats, Women's Days, Marriage Retreats, etc.) so this basically leaves you Monday and Tuesday unless of course your husband's D-Time is scheduled on one of these days/nights then you and your kids are out of luck.

-22. AND SO ON AND SO ON ....


  1. "Dear friend, you are faithful in what you are doing for the brothers and sisters, even though they are strangers to you. They have told the church about your love. Please send them on their way in a manner that honors God. It was for the sake of the Name that they went out, *receiving* *no* *help* *from* *the* *pagans*. We ought therefore to show hospitality to such people so that we may work together for the truth." (3 John 5-8, NIV, emphasis added).

    I think the subject of "tagging" deserves its own article, given that the practice is so insidious, abusive, and widespread.

    First of all, the practice is deceptive: those who are "contributing" are misled about just what it is that they are contributing to; they are led to believe that they're giving to a benign church group which is then going to use the money for benevolent and charitable purposes. Taggers hold up vaguely-worded signs hinting that the money is going towards "missions" and "benevolence" - when in reality not a dime will go into the hands of those who truly need it. Funds collected through tagging (or any other fund-raising method in the ICC) go primarily to the administrative costs (read: salaries, travel, etc.) of the "mission". Can you imagine how effective a "tagger" would be if his/her sign read: "Help me pay my preacher's mortgage/association payments on his West LA condo and his frequent flights abroad"?

    Secondly, it is exploitative towards the "tagger" himself/herself. Bypassers see the tagger and probably think, "How nice that this person has volunteered to do a good service for his/her organization." What bypassers *don't* see, however, is the fact that the tagger probably doesn't really even want to be out on the street; they are likely there because they are desperate and their leader told them that they need to do "whatever it takes" to come up with the contribution money.

    Thirdly, it is hypocritical of the ICC. As someone who was in Kip's original "movement" for nearly 20 years, I think you might be surprised that this sort of fundraising would have been *frowned* *upon* in the early days of the movement. Back then, leaders were proud of the fact that all the funds came from the membership (rather than "the world"), and it was common to hear them say things like: "SEE, WE'RE NOT A CULT LIKE THE MOONIES; WE DON'T HAVE OUR PEOPLE SELLING FLOWERS AND BEGGING IN THE STREETS FOR MONEY". This was - and still is - a big boasting point for ICC/ICOC. But how is coerced "tagging" any different from what the Moonies/etc. do?

    Finally - and most interestingly - there is absolutely no Biblical support for this practice! None at all! Nowhere in the apostle Paul's fundraising pleas does he even *suggest* that the church should look to the world for support! In fact, the author of 3 John makes this very interesting incidental comment (regarding support for the church's missionaries): they "receiv[ed] NO HELP FROM THE PAGANS" (v.7). Although I am no longer a Bible-believer or Christian, I find it ironic that a group that prides itself on going only by the Bible can overlook such clear principles as these.

    In closing - let me comment on the utter irony of the situation. Missionary collections are supposed to be collected from the churches and given to the missionaries who do the actual work. In the ICC, it is the R&F members (as opposed to the staff) who do all the evangelistic/missionary work. So, if anything, the *church leaders* should be paying *them* (the R&F) for their service rather than the other way around.

  2. I just have to say, this group started coming to my community college in January to do bible studies. I went to one Bible study, and I think since it was the first one, they taught from scripture and didn't hit me over the head (figuratively) with baptism, joining their church, etc. However, my friend went to their Bible studies and she was going to get baptized at their church, and I think the reason was also they were pressuring her to get baptized at their church instead of her current church. My friend's mom looked up the the church and found out they were a cult. I looked them up to see, since I know there are some churches (such as Bethel) where people think they are a cult but are not. But sure enough, when I looked them up, they definitely were: A cult, like many others (such as scientology) who only want your money. I told my friend and sent her the documents and she did not go to their bible studies anymore.

    I have done a lot of research and keep up with your updates on this blog and this cult is scary. What's even more scary to me is unlike other cults, they teach from the Bible and they know it so well. From what people told me, they text you a lot to ask if you are going to do a Bible study or go to their church today. I have even heard that this group wants to become a club on my campus and that they are at a Christian university next to my school "discipling" to people. I pray people will become aware of this cult and have discernment ,whether it's a gut feeling or the Holy Spirit that something is off with this group. I am so grateful that I only went to one study and not any others. As soon as I found out this church was a cult, I avoided them and didn't attend anymore bible studies. God was sure protecting me. I didn't even have the courage to go to more just to be a witness because of how controlling and manipulative they can be. I have been more careful on visiting churches now since you never know. One of my other friends, after I told him they were a cult, was brave enough to go to their Bible Studies and understand how they teach. He said they definitely put a lot of pressure on you with getting baptized and joining their church. It's so scary how fast this cult is spreading.

    I can go on with things I do not like that is terrible about them. From wanting your money, being saved by baptism and not by faith, having to ask permission to miss meetings, being told and consulting for EVERYTHING, and they do not reach out and help the members like Jesus would want them to. So terrible and disgusting!

    Thank you for this blog. It helped with looking into them. Even though we don't like it, God can use us through hard times, or things we are a part of to help others, and make others aware. I pray God will use you to make more people aware so it'll discourage them from joining and to even help others who are getting out of it or want to get out of it. Blessings

    1. -ICC leaders make outlandish claims like Mike Patterson who asserts on his website bio that he has "spoken all around the world..." Mike has been to maaaaybeeee two countries (Chile and England). If these are the only two countries his "world" consists of then he is correct.

      -Kip McKean gives himself a "doctorate" from a school that he conveniently started and then turns around and gives his wife one, too. It's not WHAT you know but who your husband is...in the ICC.

      -Mike Patterson's wife posts a picture of herself next to one of Jordan Sparks believing they look alike. Uhhhhhh...no.

    2. mike patterson and dr mckean are closet queens (homosexuals).

    3. yeah mike patterson looks gay.. and kip mckean and chuck lucas were both rumored to be gay lovers...

    4. For the record, Kip's school the ICCM is NOT an ACCREDITED institution!!! Kip and his cronies basically obtained a "license" to open shop via the California Bureau for Private Postsecondary Education (BPPE) which is a unit of the California Department of Community Affairs and has NOTHING to do with accrediting schools/universities. Basically, anyone in the state of California can start a private school as long as it meets the BPPE's bare minimum standards/requirements. An actual accreditation is obtained through a national or regional accrediting body recognized by the U.S. Department of Education. So when Kip, Tim Kernan and especially Mike Patterson claim the ICCM is "accredited" they are shamelessly deceiving not only its members but all the families who attend their loved ones' ICCM graduation ceremony believing they earned a valid degree.

    5. Per the BPPE website, "The BPPE is not an accrediting agency. Its primary purpose is to prevent fraudulent diploma mills." Well...they're certainly doing a poor job regulating the degrees the ICCM is milling out.

    6. 5 Bold Face Lies the ICC and Kip Continue to Perpetuate:

      Lie #1: It's growing. The truth is that Kip's organization has not sustained net growth for several years. Most of his U.S. and European based "groups" are in steep decline. This should be of no surprise as it follows the pattern of the ICOC's growth when Kip was leading it back in the 90(s). Below is a statistical analysis of the ICOC's growth rate under Kip's leadership:


      Lie #2: Missions contribution is used to plant churches. Not exactly. Most of the missions money collected stays in Kip's Los Angeles flagship church which is also where he is based. Kip calls the misappropriation of these funds "finesse[ing]" the missions collection.

      Lie #3: His fictitious college the ICCM is accredited. Nope. Not accredited. Still don't believe it? Check with the Department of Education (DOE) on this one.

      Lie #4: Disciples only date and marry other disciples. Well...this only applies to the rank and file members of the ICC and not to Kip's cronies or ex ICOC staff members he's desperately trying to recruit. Cory Blackwell's second wife (he's been married three times) is not a "disciple" yet Kip allowed Cory to place membership rather than go through a formal restoration. This is why you never hear of her so as not to raise any questions/concerns about Cory's "standing" in the ICC.

      Lie #5: Those that "fall away" from the ICC must be restored. Again, not when it comes to ICC leaders. The Women's Ministry Leader in San Diego basically didn't attend church for nearly 3 months and instead of requiring her to go through a "formal restoration" like anyone else who misses this many "meetings of the body" she just had to give a Sunday communion and then immediately went right back to leading.

      Bonus: It seems awfully coincidental that Kip's so called missionary journeys almost always seem to coincide with special occasions like his anniversary, milestone birthdays, weddings even funerals. Guess Special Missions is truly "special" for Kip and Elena.

    7. To Anonymous 10/21/19: How 'bout Kip's claim that there are "No divorces in the church..." What he doesn't disclose is the number of adultery cases, especially among the male leadership, who basically cheat on their wives, leave the church so they can divorce, THEN immediately get "restored" and begin dating someone decades younger, remarry and go right back into leadership and/or paid ministry. All with Kip's nod of approval. To justify the cheapened "grace" he extends to his fornicating leaders, Kip openly blames the wives of these men accusing them of not being submissive and/or having sex enough to satisfy their cheating husbands needs. This scare tactic serves as a warning to all the young, naïve and eager to please female members of Kip's church that they better stay in line. Kip and his cronies are D.I.R.T.Y.!!!

  3. -Kip hands out degrees as often as he "appoints" evangelists and women's ministry leaders.

    What do ICC evangelists and ICCM degrees have in common? Their worthless!

  4. You ask an ICC member what he/she thinks about something and they all begin their answer with, "Well Kip says, thinks, feels, believes..." And you have to interject and re-ask the question, again, s.l.o.w.l.y, "I want to know what YOU think?"

  5. When LAICC AMS ministry's right hand man, JB, posts on his FB page-"Leaders who don't listen, will eventually be surrounded by people who have nothing to say." Ironically JB is part of a religious group led by a leader just like that.

  6. Wow...sad to see an article with so much hate, and disregard for God and the truth all wrapped up in one...zero mention of "what to do", zero mention of a "better example or way", using curse words and mocking/slandering...how can anyone take this article seriously?... praying for you man... please come to your right mind...

  7. So Mr UNKNOWN can you explain Theresa Broom arrest for getting arrested ?

    1. Why was she arrested? Is that why her and her husband were taken out of leading the NYC cult...I mean church ?

    2. So, do you know what happened to her? Why she was arrested? And I read today that she was disfellowshipped!!!

  8. Hi does any one want to meet up & have a support group for those who were a part of this church to deal with some trauma so we can move on & forgive. Thx

    1. I live in L.A.

    2. support or bashing?
      if it's not done the right way, then we're no better than them.

  9. http://livinginthebookofacts.blogspot.com/
    Letter from Evangelist Slamming Kips Schemes from the inside

  10. Letter from Evangelist Slamming Kips Schemes from the inside


  11. Who wrote this thing? Please take my name off this website. I am open to discuss any reservations you have with myself. But in regards to everyone else I believe you should speak with them, not slander people publicly online. Also there are very offensive comments on here about other individuals, can you please delete them. Thank you.

    1. Maybe you should get out of the cult!!!!

    2. Coltin, I'm sorry your name is being used on this page. The author of this page is not what you would refer to as a normal fall-away but a very bitter atheist. Scriptural or worldly reasoning is irrelevant to him because he is bent on spreading hate. The bottom line remains, "Every knee shall bow" He may be filled with hate, but nothing can stop the people of God. Not the faithful in the CCC, DOC, ICOC, ICC, OR whatever-cc.

  12. I have it on good record that the fiscal status of the church is fine. Next....

  13. I joined this cult over a year ago while being oblivious to the fact it was a cult. I was initially drawn to the loving environment, the fun events, and the beliefs that matched what the early christians. I was going through a lot at that time and I thought I would be happy in this group, but really joining was a big mistake. In my 6 months in the cult I witnessed the lies, false teachings, and the cult leaders who force you to give thousands of dollars. I first realized some stuff was weird when a "discipler" wanted to know every single thing I was doing everyday and was nearly harassing me. Then they told me being shy was a sin and I was forced into uncomfortable situations of talking in big groups of people or "sharing faith." I will also never forget when Evan Bartholomew had a fit when I did not give to special missions knowing I had no job and couldn't get that large amount of many in any way and he still demanded money. Overall it was a terrible 6 months and I hope this cult will be exposed and shut down.

  14. ^ sounds to me like you still are struggling to get open about your feelings.

    About giving:

    No one is "forced to give" anything. Out of gratefulness to God you should follow the example of the first century church and desire to support your poorer brothers and sisters. Remember the scripture "not out of compulsion" & "glad and sincere heart" ? It sounds to me like you have a deep love for money and despite the no job, you didn't give your whole heart to the task.

    About Openness:

    As for openness with a discipler, what are you hiding? There are no secrets in the kingdom of God. Being SHY is not a sin but hiding your sin or having a lack of transparency is tempting the spirit of it so why have a HINT of sin when you can just be honest?

    About sharing faith:

    Sorry but you definitely lost me on this one. Jesus COMMANDED we share faith. There are countless examples of how disciples shared "everywhere they went" yet you find it uncomfortable? There is NO WAY you are grateful for the cross if your comfort is more valuable than speaking the gospel to bring people to the truth in Love. Seriously....that is incredibly selfish.

    I don't even go to the church you are speaking about and I totally cannot side with you. You seem really UN-Christ-like in your self centered comment. I truly mean that as loving but direct as possible.

    I urge you to repent

  15. You say no one is forcing him to give, but that is exactly what the ICC does to people. If you know in your heart you can only give so much, they demand more and more still. It is never enough for them, I've seen them ask people to give up paying rent or essential bills because they need the money more!

    They don't care if you live on the streets or not, so long as you are donating every week as much as humanly possible!

    1. @AnonymousJanuary 26, 2018 at 12:04 AM

      That's your sentimentality speaking out of guilt, not an open heart for sacrifice in the richest country on the planet. I say that not to be harsh but to give you a reality check.

      If you came up with a noble plan, well in advance, made a solid budget and documented your sacrifice to support our dying brothers and sisters overseas, you WOULD NEVER be challenged to give more. It's the lukewarmness to give that causes the leaders to continue to push. If everyone had the heart of the Macedonians, the leaders would NEVER have to mention this. Since 1st world religion has warped your heart, you feel entitled to keep what isn't yours in the first place.

      I ask you this not to be answered, but for you to consider. Since you left the ICC, how much have you SINCE contributed ( % of your income ) to the people in 3rd world countries? Unles you joined another restorationist church or a very giving evangelical false doctrine church, it's likely pennies comparatively.

      I urge you to repent of this wicked heart stranger. Saying things like, "They don't care if you live on the streets or not, so long as you are donating every week as much as humanly possible!" is not only a boldface lie, but it's a SALVATION ISSUE due to it being slander.

      Again, I urge you to repent.

    2. The church is supposed to he a non-profit organization. Well these taxes can be found on line and are public knowledge. So income was $146,000 and 18,000 was used for travel and meals etc. My son is giving his entire check to the ICC and not telling me and asking me for rent and he has no money for food. They said everyone in the church last month had to give 1,100 and he borrowed the money to donate??? They are using young adults for their own luxury lifestyles. Kip makes over 200,000 a year in 2010 and his luxury condo was paid in full in cash for $650,000 in marina del rey and is now worth over a million.. and my son has to live with 8 others so he can give most his money away.. I'm just waiting to see if they will convince him to not go to school so he can work full time to support the leaders which make roughly 95,000 a year.

    3. @Anon, July 4th

      Actually those aren't accurate figures for income, home expense or voluntary missions contribution.

      It seems like your info is off. If your source is this page, that makes sense. Very little truth is actually in this blog

    4. Anonymous July 27th-You know as well as anyone there is no such thing as "voluntary" in the ICC especially when it comes to tithing and special missions. It's more like VOLUNTOLD! Leadership dictates what members MUST give and if they don't turn in the required amount their salvation is brought into question and they are threatened with expulsion from the church. For instance, Luke and Brandyn Speckman the New York ICC church leaders REQUIRED each member to give 3k for Missions last year (!!!). Members were met with weekly to find out how much they've raised and if they weren't on track in reaching this amount they were brow beaten, shamed and told to get "creative" about making sure they get this amount turned in. NOTE: When ICC leaders use the term "creative" they're implying members obtain the money by any means possible. Meanwhile senior paid staff members are flying first class and staying in 5 star hotels in London, Paris, Sydney, New Dehli, Hong Kong, New Zealand, etc. on so called "missionary trips" while members are "tagging" (eg. begging) for money on street corners to pay for these vacations.

    5. July 27th Anon Poster-Since you seem so confident about the ICC's finances, please disclose which leader...ahem..."contractor" received nearly $83,000 from the MERCY fund as indicated by line 13 on the 990 EZ form filed (see link below) by the church. Seems this is a highly guarded secret as NONE of the ICC administrators are willing to share this information when asked directly about it. A RED FLAG if there ever was one:


    6. Anon above (both of them)

      Only someone who has choosen money as their God (see Matt 6) could say something like that.

      As for which "contractor" is was, it was actually several. There are many licensed in their respective field and using their talents for MWW funded projects in communities. This year, you'll see similar if not greater ones based on all the progress made in Cambodia with the orphanages.

      To be honest, the individuals mentioned would probably be public to anyone who humbly and genuinely desired to know. Since you only care in hopes it will fuel your presecution fire, I'll pass. You've not taken my previous advice, so it's obviously not anything benevolent.

  16. Salvation is simple. Humans twist the gospel.

  17. Religious abuse leads people away from Christ.

    1. Thankfully, this dead blog has been disproven and the only abuse in the ICC are the "false brothers" making true disciples look bad. Move along.

  18. To Anon 10/10/19: Hate to break it to you but this blog is alive and well!

  19. To October 19th, 2019-You must be speaking about "false brothers" like Kyle Bartholomew (drunkenness and adultery), Mike Patterson (masturbation), Anthony Olmos (financial indiscretions), Kip McKean (deceit), etc. You're absolutely right these men ("false brothers") make true disciples look bad especially when they're leaders in your church.

    1. Only a fallaway would name-drop without investigation as if repentance is impossible.

    2. Not only is Mike Patterson a "false brother" in the church universal, he's also a huge PR disaster for the ICC organization. In a recent Facebook thread that has since gone "viral" among ICC/ICOC members, Mike claims the ICC has "too many" elders for him to name. He cites Titus 1:5-7, “An elder must be blameless, married only once with believing children who are not accused of licentiousness or rebellious…” and then identifies a few of these elders (or "shepherds" as the ICC calls them) in the Los Angeles/New York church and says about 6 elders have been recently appointed in the Midwest ICC.

      Research on these supposed "elders" (ahem "shepherds") reveals that some have been married more than once and have children who are not only “unbelievers” (by ICC standards) but also identify with the LGBTQ lifestyle which, by the way, Mike would certainly consider licentious based on his incessant and obnoxious Facebook posts against homosexuality. So according to Titus which Mike referenced), these folks don't qualify as elders. Sorry.

      Mike's explanation that the ICC chooses to use "Shepherd vs. elder so as not to confuse us with the Church of Christ/Mormons" is hogwash. He knows full well that many (if not most) of these “shepherds” are BIBLICALLY UNQUALIFIED for the role of eldership and THAT’S WHY they're not referred to as elders.

      This gives the ICC wiggle room to spin and deny (something they do very well) when the qualifications of these so called "elders" come into question. They'll undoubtedly claim We ‘never’ said they were elders. We’ve always maintained they were simply “shepherds.”

    3. ^ It seems like you simply don't have a grasp of the theological differences between presbyteros vs. poimēn regarding roles in the church. It truly destroys your position when you attempt to consolidate roles to make your point about who can and can't be in a role.

      I say this as someone not part of his church.

      As for the divorce concept, I see this not as a chronologically intended doctrine, but a concurrent one therefore a remarried brother once 1 of the parties falls-away is reasonable. I heard once that in Africa there was a brother with 2 wife's who wanted this role but was denied due to his concurrent, multi-wives at conversion in the ICC. Just food for thought.

      As for the faithful children, lgbtq thing, I know nothing of it so I can't speak. I'll need to research that if I want to comment.

    4. Here is a exegesis of the texts you speak of regarding the qualifications of an "elder." You'll see that it's context isn't about salvation, but about order.


    5. To "Anonymous" February 6th-

      The most accurate term is 'presbuteros' so before you start throwing stones about what people should be "grasping" you first need to know your shit.

      Second, the Bible most certainly "consolidates" these roles and specifically outlines who should and should not serve in the capacity of an elder/shepherd (See Titus 1:5-9 to jog your memory).

      Third, if your position is that a:


      than most of the ICC Evangelists who "oversee" and "shepherd" their respective ministries/churches DO NOT meet the requirements for BIBLICAL leadership for all the same reasons plus more that January 12th Anonymous calls out.

      Fourth, food for your thoughts...if Cory Blackwell, a World Sector Leader and thrice married "disciple", is permitted/responsible for "overseeing" and "shepherding" the Middle East churches than what's the problem with the African brother you mentioned serving as an elder/shepherd?

      Fifth, I don't see where Anonymous January 12th said anything about the qualifications of an elder being a "salvation" issue. Unless you're implying that because Kip McKean doesn't believe it's a salvation issue than it gives him cart blanche to disobey what the Bible says. This actually makes sense since most of what he teaches goes against the Bible anyway.

      Finally, you claim you're not a member of the ICC but there is a sneaking suspicion that not only are you a member but you're actually Mike Patterson. Since Mike is notorious for trolling so called persecution websites (eg. Delphi Forum) "posing" as a persecutor or using social media sites like Facebook claiming to be a female to catfish his wife this assumption is not that far out of reach. Also if you're not an ICC member, you seem to have A LOT of information about ICC finances and Mercy Projects in Cambodia as indicated by the entry you made above (scroll up to the comments that mention the NYICC Church leaders strong arming people to give Missions and the call for the ICC Administrators to disclose which leader(s) got paid over $83,000 from the Mercy fund) shortly before your presbyteros vs. poimēn comment.

    6. Recently I have been introduced into the ICC and been doing bible studies with members of the ICC. Can someone who has been involved with them reply with their email because I want to discuss solid points I can tell the members as to why I shouldn't join the ICC.

    7. Is there an active support group for those that have left this church and recovering from spiritual abuse?

  20. Recently I have been introduced into the ICC and been doing bible studies with members of the ICC. Can someone who has been involved with them reply with their email because I want to discuss solid points I can tell the members as to why I shouldn't join the ICC.

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  22. Coltin Rohn has just exposed ICC and has been "marked". Kip is getting his lawyer on Coltin demanding he remove his last sermon which exposes ICC.

    1. No one who actually KNOWS what he really wanted sides with him. This sermon is loaded with very agreeable things but the matter of fact is this: What he did, what he taught & what he believes REALLY was not spoken about in THIS VIDEO. Those in the inside lane of this situation know better and that's why NOT EVEN ONE person he led over the last 3 years followed him.