Jan 9, 2023

Kip's Shorts: Kip McKean, Character Assassination and the ICC

This post was written awhile ago and is now being published in light of the court cases alleging rampant, covered-up child sexual abuse under Kip McKean's leadership

Disclaimer: I was not present for the following evets so can not vouch for the veracity in an absolute sense like I can for my experiences where Kip McKean and friends threatened and tried to destroy my family. This story was told by leaders of the LAICC after Kip left a leadership position in the ICOC. It is ironic because Kip himself was one of the promoters of the technique of trash-talking members as soon as they have left the church as a way of preventing church members from paying any attention to what that person said. That's some karma! 

So it is possible that the church leaders who told this story were lying in whole or in part in order to discredit Kip. To me it sounds real but you can be the judge. 

Here is the story they told: 

During his time leading the Los Angeles International Church of Christ, Kip McKean would go running, and then have a female intern give him a rub him down massage afterward.

While that is weird enough in itself, it gets worse. Kip would be shirtless. He would also be wearing very short shorts. And Kip would not be wearing any underwear.

So certain parts of his anatomy (read: his testicles and possibly his penis) would spill out of his shorts and be visible to the unfortunate low-paid church intern whose job it was to give “God’s greatest living treasure” his massage.

After a certain number of times of this happening, the girl was freaked out enough to seek help from other leaders. She threatened to make the situation public if it wasn’t corrected.

The leaders kicked into overdrive to try to keep a very tight lid on what could very easily have escalated into a public relations nightmare for the church and "the movement". I don't know the methods they used, but the girl was motivated to keep quiet and presumably Kip learned to keep himself covered.

The story was held “close to the chest” by those aware of it, but then allowed to “leak” later on so that it could be used to dissuade people from yanking over from the ICOC to the ICC.

Did the ICOC leaders make it up? Possibly. But it is oddly specific. And I think if I were going to make up a story I would make up something else even more dramatic. 

If Kip did act super creepy like this (although it does not sound illegal) and the ICOC did act to cover it up for him, that would be right in line with the many accusations which are currently going through the court system from different victims of sexual crimes by church leaders that the church helped cover up for the benefit of the leader and to the additional harm of the victim. 

“What happens in the darkness will be shown in the light.” 

If provided with substantive evidence that this story is not correct, this post will be updated to reflect that. 


  1. Considering my experience with him not being particularly "physical touch" plus his focus on letting "not even a hint of sexual immorality or impurity" be in his midst, this story seems sensationalized.

    It wouldn't take "substantiate evidence" to disprove this, but merely the lack of anything credible.

    In this case, the absence of evidence is glaring. This isn't really compelling.

  2. I'm not sure how true this story is......but I've noticed that historically, in the "new movement" at least, he's typically had a young female assistant, usually someone who edits or publishes his online content. I recall many of Kip's articles on the CityofAngels site where one particular woman was always credited as a contributor or editor (or some other title), and I think I remember her being mentioned as an assistant to Kip and Elena. I will not reveal her name - but I do remember thinking to myself, why does it seem like Kip is spending so much time (possobly aonle?) with this attractive young woman?

    I seriously doubt that Kip has ever been involved in any extramarital sexual activity. But it wouldn't surprise me if he surrounded himself with attractive and agreeable young interns/assistants to boost his ego. That's what most narcissistic leaders do.

    1. ^ Plausible , sure, we are human, but probable, no. I know several of his editing assistants personally and that nonsense wouldn't fly. To seriously consider this specific article as accurate is a reach at best. To me, an anti-icc individual has better angles to take to fabricate a case.

  3. Are you aware of recent reports that Kip has resigned due to having "faltered spiritually"? https://www.facebook.com/photo/?fbid=10163850639466515&set=a.10163046429821515