Feb 5, 2013

Golden Nuggets of Advice

Here are some of the pieces of advice I received from my discipler, Victor Gonzalez Sr, while under his leadership in the City of Angels International Christian Church:

While dating my future wife, who came to the US as an adult non-English speaker: Don't let her learn English, so you can control her better. (For the record, I have helped and encouraged her to learn and improve her English, which is now very good).
Don't let my wife learn to drive. Don't let her get a driver's license. Don't let her drive. All for the same reason of control. (For the record, I have helped and encouraged my wife through the process of applying for and getting her license, and improving her driving skills, and buying her her own car.)

Lie in a business transaction. (I didn't.)

Ruthlessly pursue payments from a client, another member of the church, who had cancelled my professional services but not given me formal notice. (I followed this advice against my better judgement, and severely damaged a relationship and my conscience in the process.)

Many times, do things to antagonize other people that Victor did not like. (Victor did not like pretty much anybody -- he had a devastating criticism for every single person I knew of, including every member of his family.)

Make plans to follow him in case the time came to split off from Kip McKean's leadership. (This one was almost blasphemous in the context of idol-worship that we were all involved in with Kip.)

"Let me borrow some money. I pay you back this Friday!" "Something come up, I'll pay you next time." "Something come up again, can I borrow some more? I pay you back next Friday for sure."

And so many more....


  1. Please, please, please (!!!) continue to blog about this very manipulative and dangerous group. Your experience with the ICC and it's system of control is a VALUABLE resource for those who are thinking about joining or leaving Kip's "movement". I will continue to encourage concerned family members and friends to visit your blog as well as those who are seeking the help, strength, and clarity to overcome and/or resist being devoured by this church. Please continue to shine light on Kip's deceptive practices. Your honesty, courage, and insight is greatly appreciated! P.S. Can you discuss in further detail the practice of "tagging" that the ICC does to raise funds for their annual missions contribution? Thank you. Jane

  2. Jane, thanks for your comment. I'm not sure offhand what "tagging" is, could you elaborate a little more? I probably know it by a different name, or possibly it was something only done locally. Thanks

  3. My understanding of this practice is church members stand on street corners and traffic intersections with buckets begging for money. Apparently, tagging is a very lucrative "business" as its been highlighted several times in the church's Good News propoganda bulletin as an effective way to "plunder/pillage the Egyptians" (the group's metaphor for milking non-disciples of funds/resources).

  4. Wow I just looked it up.. I had never heard of it being done in the church. Must have started in the last year or so. It sure is lucrative! They are reporting tens of thousands of dollars at a time from "standing on the street corners and begging for donations" (link to Good News Email on the stolen KipMcKean.com website)

  5. Another grave concern is the church's requirement that members MUST obtain permission or "advice" (as the church calls it) from their leaders should they wish to move to a different city or state. In the recent edition of the Good News propoganda news letter-the San Diego Church leader thanks the LA West Region leaders for "their generosity" in "giving" one of their female members to the San Diego church. Implying that the decision on whether this member would remain in LA or move was ultimately up to the leaders. It is also my understanding that members must obtain such approval/blessing before they are permitted to date and marry.