Feb 8, 2023

Kip McKean's Propaganda Machine Spews Lies About ICC Sex Abuse Cases. But Kip's Own Words Reveal the Ugly Truth

Luke my friend, you have really let me down. 

I saw the video that you did where you downplayed the role of the church in covering up the sexual crimes that were committed. The church cares about the victims? I know you know that is completely false. 

I bet when you and I were roommates back in the day you did not envision yourself in the future making videos to cover for pedophiles, rapists, and those who aided and abetted them. 

And yet here you are. 

Church Employees LIE Through their Teeth & Claim the the ICC Cares about Sex Abuse Victims (video clip pasted to Facebook by a former ICC minister and brother to one of the abuse victims) 

Sadly, the truth is QUITE the opposite. 

Now let's compare that to words attributed to "Dr" Kip McKean himself, straight out of the court filings: 

“We cannot report these abuses, because it would hurt our church, which is God’s Modern-Day Movement.” 

“Do you want the fall of God’s modern-day movement on your head???!!” 

“The cause of protecting God’s Kingdom on earth is more important than the sin or the pain of a few individuals.” 

“We need to forgive our brothers who sin and realize that they are a new creation in Christ, and give them a chance to make things right. If we report them, it will destroy their lives and hurt the church.”

So there you have it. Kip telling people to break the law. Kip telling people to not report sexual abusers to the authorities as the are legally required to do. Ministers like Kip are mandated reporters. It looks like he never performed the mandated reporting. Just as bad or even worse, and then directed others to also fail to report sex crimes. (And as good "disciples," they obeyed Kip and NO-ONE in ICOC leadership or other mandated roles reported like they were required - including ICOC doctors.) 

"A person who fails to make a required report is guilty of a misdemeanor punishable by up to six months in jail and/or up to a $1,000 fine (California Penal Code Section 11166[c])"

As a result of Kip and Kip's followers not reporting sexual abuse as the law requires, sexual abusers went on to abuse again and again. More than one person went on - AFTER getting caught and then being let off the hook in the ICOC and/or ICC - to later commit child rapes. 

These teachings led to children being raped. 

This is not an exaggeration. It is a simple statement of fact. 

Kip: "We cannot report these abuses, because it would hurt our church." 

Well, we certainly couldn't have THAT now, could we? 

Which would you choose? 1. The public image of the ICC vs 2. the violated. innocent. bodies. of "the least of these." 

Clearly, ICC chose "the public image of the ICC." And not just once. Many, many times, as evidenced in the court filings. You could even say that it was standard church policy. 

The lawsuits allege "There are at least 4 known pedophiles who were allowed to run rampant within the churches without any notification to the congregation that their children were in danger." (And then go on to give stomach-churning details), 

By having church staff put out video messages downplaying the role of the church, the ICC is showing us, without a shadow of a doubt, that they are willing to lie about what happened, and their priority is still 100% "the public image of the ICC." 

Believe you me, we would NOT be hearing about this topic of sexual abuse in the ICC if it were not for the court cases forcing the conversation. The ICC, with Kip McKean sitting at the top and calling the shots, would have continued to remain silent on this issue, and just order victims to continue to forgive their abusers, and continue to enable the abusers to continue creating more victims. 

The more the truth comes out, the more I realize how far "the public image of the ICC" is from "the reality of the ICC." 

Let's hope for justice in these civil court cases and any future criminal cases. We know from recent years in public discourse oh, how the mighty can fall.